– Unrelieved Pain is a Major Global Health Care Problem

‘Pain is a major healthcare problem. Although acute pain may reasonably be considered as a symptom of disease or injury, chronic and recurrent pain is a specific healthcare problem, a disease in its own right’
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–  Pain Control for People with Cancer and AIDS

‘The undertreatment of chronic pain is a global problem, especially for people in the final stages of cancer and, increasingly, AIDS. The pain of dying is often severe, but it can be controlled for most people by a simple and  inexpensive intervention: oral analgesic drugs, including morphine and other opioids
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– The World Health Organization Paves the Way for Action to Free People from the Shackles of Pain

‘The human suffering due to lack of pain relief is an affront to human dignity. Every effort must be made to remedy this situation.’
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– Pain Management: A Fundamental Human Right

‘This article surveys worldwide medical, ethical, and legal trends and initiatives related to the concept of pain management as a human right’
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